No, unless there is a requirement to lay additional cables over the standard 20 metres.
If you choose the month to month option, you will have to an Activation Fee of R1 250.00, and if there is no fibre into your home you will be required to pay R1750 for installation fee. Any additional cabling required over 20 metres will be charged at R40 per metre.
If you wish to cancel you will need to give us 30 days notice. However if you cancel after the 15th of a particular month, your service will only be effective at the end of the following month. This is due to the relevant Fibre Operator placing this requirement on us, the ISP.
If you chose the 12 month free installation and activation option, and you decide to cancel within 12 months you shall be liable for the pro rata value of the installation and activation costs. Example: if the installation cost is R1 750.00 and the Activation cost is R1 250.00 totaling R3000.00, and your service is terminated after 6 months you will be liable for 50% (6/12) of the total cost, being R1500.00. if you cancelled after 12 months you are not liable for any cancellation fees. If you chose the month to month option and you paid for the activation cost and installation cost (where necessary) there is no cancellation fees.
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